Many camouflage patterns on the market do a satisfactory job of masking the human form in nature, God's Country Camouflage takes it even further. God's Country Camouflage allows the outdoor enthusiast to make a statement of their Christian faith as well as their passion for the outdoor sporting tradition. Whether in a treestand or in the field, when you wear GCC you wear your faith on your sleeve.
Choose your season. Choose your pattern. God's Country Camouflage offers patterns for Early Season, Late Season, and snow-covered hunts with Avalanche. All GCC patterns work extremely well across a wide range of terrain and foliage. Our high contrast (HICON™) open patterns are designed to break up your predatory form while allowing you to make a statement of your faith.
Being a successful camouflage company means working with great partners. God's Country Camo is proud to team up with many great companies. From high-quality truck and ATV boxes to tree stands to high-tech hydrodipping, GCC collaborates to bring you some of the best products on the market.  Be sure to check out all of the GCC partners and help them continue to show their faith in camouflage.