Early Season
Everyone knows that to fool a wise old turkey or stay hidden from that trophy bull elk a hunter must truly blend into the surroundings. God’s Country Camouflage took the colors of nature and put them into a pattern that does not get dark in the distance. Extreme definition, along with contrasting earth tones enable the hunter to become part of the surrounding vegetation and terrain. GCC Early Season helps the sportsman share their Christian faith while hunting for their favorite game.
Late Season
Late Season is where it all began for God’s Country Camouflage. We realized that merely creating a pattern with high levels of detail and realistic images would not be enough. High contrast between light and dark areas ensures maximum break-up of your predatory form, while large open areas eliminate appearing as a dark blob in the field. You can’t go wrong with golden fall foliage. Remember, you won’t always see green in nature, but you can always find brown. If you only own one camouflage pattern, GCC Late Season should be the one. Wear your faith on your sleeve with GCC Late Season.
Don’t let an unexpected blanket of white-stuff catch you off guard again. GCC Avalanche is the perfect insurance policy for those hunts in which snow is a possibility. From waterfowl to whitetail, Avalanche has got you covered! God’s Country Camouflage Avalanche lets you hide in the winter without burying your beliefs.
Late Season Blush

Late Season Blush

Attention ladies! Once you've filled all of your tags, slip into something a little more fashionable. Show your passion for the outdoors, without looking like one of the guys!