A passion for the outdoors, the closeness to God and his creations, and a desire to have others easily share their faith in the field all inspired the creation of God’s Country® Camouflage.

“We put faith in camouflage” is the God’s Country Camo motto. In each God’s Country Camouflage pattern Christian symbols are represented by natural elements. These symbols of faith allow the sportsman to openly display his or her faith with others while in the field, enjoying what God created for us all.

With the goal of allowing Christians to wear their faith on their sleeves, these Christian symbols spark conversations of faith while sharing outdoor adventures. The shapes are carefully created from natural elements to add symbolism while blending into the different camouflage patterns.

Not only do the GCC patterns allow an avenue for hunters to share their stories of personal faith, but the patterns themselves are the most effective camouflage designs on the market today. The high contrast, detail, clarity, and design set the standard in the camouflage industry. Each pattern is carefully constructed to add photo realistic natural elements into a pattern that balances contrasting light and dark tones (high contrast.) These patterns enable the sportsman to blend into his or her surroundings, regardless of the terrain, without appearing as a dark figure in the distance.

If you are interested in sharing your faith in God while participating in your favorite outdoor pastimes, contact the team at God’s Country Camouflage and let them help you “Spend some time in God’s Country.”